Regulations Predator Challenge 2019

  1. Always treat the fish with care, in case of an accidental fatality contact the moderators of the event and offer them the fish.
  2. Every participant is required to own an active ‘’Fishing Pass’’ and needs to show it whenever asked.
  3. The team with the most cummulated centimeters of predatory fish wins.
  4. The rules of the Sport fishing ascosiation apply; A maximum of 2 rods per person and 2 spare rods. (unprepaired)
  5. It’s only allowed to fish with lures.
  6. Only fish of ‘’Size’’ are in contention of counting towards the total.


Bass  minimum size: 22cm.

Walleye minimum size: 42cm.

Pike minimum size: 45cm.

  1. This contest is classified as ‘’Catch/Photo/Release’’ contest with implies that you catch the fish meassure it take a picture and release the fish back in the water.
  2. Per catch, the following procedure: 1 clear picture of the fish on the meassuring board the head pointing to the left and leftside of the fish up, include a sticker with a unique catchcode and send via smartphone. This is subject to change Phone numbers will be given out on the day of the contest.
  3. Pictures can be send untill 16:00 any recieved later will not count towards your Total.
  4. The catchlists need to be handed in imediatly after arrival in the harbour.
  5. The Organisation is not accountable for anything that occurs while participating in the contest. Participation is at your own risk.
  6. If anything is unclear the referees will make the decisions.
  7. It is prohibited to fish on unregistered waters.
  8. All participating boats need to be insured, participants need to bring a copy of their Insurance and will be asked to show it.
  9. In case of participating in a fast speedboat the driver must have a 1- lisence.
  10. Whenever unable to show the required papers exclusion from the contest follows.
  11. Be respectful towards other contestands keep a minimum of 50m between eachother while fishing.
  12. It’s prohibited to leave the water during the contest only when asked an official may an exeption be made.
  13. Every participant is required to have a working smartphone with what’s app installed.
  14. It’s not allowed to use the fish bun to keep the fish in.
  15. Questions or reports may be reported to the officials until 16:00.
  16. A measured fish in cm will be rounded up so for instance a fish of 31,2 cm will count as a 32cm fish.
  17. The contest will ony start when all the teams are out on the water and ready to compete. It will start from the moment the Marshall gives the go sign until 16:00.
  18. All contestands must obey the local speed limit and rules.
  19. You will need to stick a new catch sticker per catch on the measuring board it needs to be clear so the officials can read it.
  20. Registration for the contest runs until the end of April 2019 or when the maximum amount of contestands has been reached.
  21. After the closing date it’s impossible to cancel and there will be no refunds.

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